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Elam Center Arena

The Skyhawk Arena is home to The University of Tennessee at Martin men's and women's basketball teams as well as the site for commencement ceremonies, physical education activities, and practice space for multiple varsity athletic teams. The Arena allows for over 145,000 square feet of usage space, seats over 5,000 people, and has three separate scoreboards. The movable bleachers are located on the East, West, and South sides of the center court allowing for six regulation basketball courts and 15 badminton courts, and 5 volleyball courts. The Elam Center is named in honor of the University of Tennessee Trustee Col. Tom Elam and his wife, Kathleen.



Skyhawk Fieldhouse

The Skyhawk Fieldhouse is home to the Varsity Volleyball Team, host various student activities, and student recreation activities. The Fieldhouse will seat 2,300 spectators, features a hardwood surface, bleachers encircling the court, dual scoreboards, and sound system.



The Blue Room

The Blue Room also known as the Gymnastics Room boasts many uses within the Elam Center. Academics, Cheerleading, and recreation are a few but not the limit to the Blue Rooms purposes. At 75 feet in length, 42 feet in width and with its gymnastics style flooring the Blue Room is an ideal area to utilize when practicing yoga, martial arts, dance, and much more. School related endeavors have initial priority to the room.




Classroom 2063: This is the smallest of the four classrooms in the Skyhawk Fieldhouse. It can sit up to 32 people. Rather than desks, it is furnished with long tables. It includes a computer, projector, projector screen, and dry erase board.


Classroom 2060: This room can sit up to 42 people. It also includes a computer, projector, projector screen, and dry erase board.


Classroom 2059: This room can sit up to 45 people. A closet is available for storage. It also includes a computer, projector, projector screen, and dry erase board.


Classroom 2056: This room can seat up to 40 people. It also includes a computer, projector, projector screen, and dry erase board.



Computer Lab


Computer Lab


Conference/Meeting Room

The Conference Room is an ideal space for a variety of meetings and conference activities. It is complete with a spacious round table, plenty of seating, a projector and screen, and docks for information technology hook ups.



Dance Studio

The Dance Studio is used for dance classes and Health and Human Performance courses. The stage measures 20' x 47' and the floor measures 82' x 47'. The space includes mirrors on east side of the room.



Locker Room

Every locker room comes with seating for relaxation for the players, lockers, and showers.



Elam Center Lobby

The Concourse of the Elam Center is the gateway to the facility allowing four entry points to the arena, concession stands, ticket booth, and restrooms. The stairs leading up will lead you to the Department of Health and Human Performance. The stairs leading down will lead to Rec Check, the pool, maintenance, and facility management.



The pool is located on the first floor of the Elam Center across from Rec Check. The Aquatic Program offers a wide variety of recreational and instructional programs, including handicap access, fitness swim, recreational swim, swim lessons, lifeguard classes, birthday parties, and fitness incentive programs. These programs are offered to students, faculty, staff, and community. Our Olympic size swimming pool (25 yards by 50 meters) has a water depth of 3.5 to 5.0 feet in the shallow area, 6 feet in the mid-section (lap swim area), and 12 feet in the diving well, which has a one-meter diving board. The temperature is kept at 84 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. For additional information see the Aquatics webpage.




Racquetball Courts

These rooms are used for racquetball purposes only. There are six racquetball courts located on the first floor of the Elam Center. Each court is of official size. Each racquetball court comes with an observation balcony where friends/spectators can watch play from a safe distance.



Weight Room

The weight room includes several squat racks, flat benches, incline benches, decline benches, and free weights along with other supplementary workout equipment. This room is utilized for academic classes and athletic teams by students under the supervision of faculty or staff .



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