Dual Enrollment Handbook

Please view a PDF version of the Dual Enrollment Handbook.



What Does it Take to be a UT Martin Dual Enrollment Student?

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (Homeschools students will also need a 21 ACT score)
  • Junior or Senior High School standing
  • Parent’s (or guardian’s) approval
  • Superintendent’s or designee’s approval
  • Approved dual enrollment online application
  • Dedicated, committed and motivated student!



The admissions and registration process consists of these 5 online steps:

  1. Apply for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant.
  2. Apply online for admission to the University of Tennessee at Martin.
    (Only for first-time or readmit students.)
  3. Complete a Signature Authorization Form (SAF) and electronically submit it to a guidance counselor or teacher
  4. Register online for desired courses by logging into “MY UTMartin”.
  5. Pay fees and confirm class attendance while in “MY UTMartin”.

To find out more information on how to complete these steps, go to www.utm.edu/dualenrollment.


Getting Your Grades on the UT Martin Website

  1. Go to www.utm.edu
  2. Select “MY UTMartin” portal
  3. Login with your "user name" and your "password"
  4. Select "Banner Self-Service"
  5. Select “Student Services”
  6. Select “Student Records”
  7. Select “Final Grades”
  8. Select the “Term” and “Submit”
  9. Click “Exit” button to properly logout

To Access the UT Martin Library Databases From Your Home or Any Other Computer

  • Go to www.utm.edu
  • Select “About UTM” from the blue bar located on the top of the page.
  • Go to the left side of the page and click on “University Offices”.
  • Choose “Library Services” that will take you to the Library web page. Click on “My Account” in the middle of the page. You will now be prompted to enter your username and password.

Students use the same username and password as listed under "How do I log into MY UTMartin" on page 6 of the handbook. If you are unable to access the library, please contact the computer help desk at 731-881-7900, and have your student ID number handy. You will be required to give this information when you call the help desk.



Name: John Q. Public
SSN: 123-45-6789
Birthday: 01/15/1980


Username: johqpubl

Password: 6789Jan80


How Do I get a Transcript?


To request a transcript go to www.utm.edu/registrar. Select Transcripts from the option on the left and then complete the “Transcript Request Form.” Transcripts can only be obtained by the students’ written request. There is a $5 charge for each transcript requested. There is an additional $5 charge for having a transcript faxed.


You can either mail or fax your request to:

Office of Academic Records
University of Tennessee at Martin
103 Administration Building
Martin, TN 38238


Fax request to 731-881-7048.


Identification Cards

Dual Enrollment students can request an official University of Tennessee at Martin Skyhawk Picture ID Card. The ID application can be found on the Dual Enrollment web page under "Request UTM Student ID." The ID card enables students to use the university library and access online resources. Also, students may receive discounts at businesses where college IDs are honored.


Important contact information

UT Martin Dual Enrollment Office:
731-881-3589 (fax)


UT Martin Business office: 731-881-7810

UT Martin Records office: 731-881-7050

UT Martin toll-free number: 1-800-829-8861

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