Formatting The Vita and the Resume

  • The most recent date comes first, the oldest last
  • Year/date must be aligned either on the left hand side or the right hand side of the page.
  • Include all possible details (such as, GPA, scores, years of achievements, years of membership, description of job responsibilities). Be as precise as possible.
  • When writing your personal information at the top of the page, give only your full name, current address, zip code, current home and cell telephone numbers, and email address.
  • NEVER indicate your SSN, birthdate, gender, ethnic background, nationality, health, religion, church affiliation, race, or picture.
  • Proofread: be sure that your documents are error free (dates, spelling, grammar, etc.).
  • Do include military experience.
  • Select a good quality bond paper. Print all documents on a laser printer. Never turn in a copied resume.
  • Avoid unnecessary formatting, curlicues, lines, and other graphic effects that are an eye-distraction and clutter.
  • If you list references, ask  permission first. Keep your references’ contact information current.
  • Never include any mention of past or desired salaries.
  • Deal with gaps in your employment or education record. Be prepared to answer questions about them in the interviews or address them in your cover letter or personal statement.
  • Keep your vita regularly updated. You can always create a resume from a vita, but never a vita from a resume.



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