Minors / Second Majors

Complementary skills open multiple doors and the possibilities are endless. Choose subjects that best suit your skills and interests.

  • Political science, international studies, philosophy, communications, English, and computer science, are excellent liberal arts disciplines, especially if you are considering Law school.
  • Business may lead you to a career in business history, business, marketing, sales, or historical management.
  • Communications might lead you to historical journalism and consulting.
  • Computer Science is very much in demand right now, because of the digitalization of historical documents and artifacts and the creation of e-museums; because of the growth of social media sites; and because of the growth of computer programming, and information and technology networking and support.
  • Graphic Design and technical writing are also very much in demand.
  • Geography/GIS leads you to mapping the entire past with the help of GPS systems.
  • Foreign languages, with their study abroad or travel study components, are especially useful for graduate school admission or a career in any international field.



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