Test Format

The current test format has been in existence for a couple of years and has introduced significant changes. The Verbal Reasoning section was completely reorganized. The test is now completely computer-based. The scores are valid for 5 (FIVE) years. You still can choose 4 schools to which to send your scores free of charge. Graduate School Admissions for History programs look closely at verbal and analytical writing scores. Quantitative scores weigh less.


The test is composed of three sections and emphasizes reading comprehension, analytical abilities, and writing abilities.


Verbal Reasoning (130 - 170 points)

  • reasoning skills, evaluation of written material, reading comprehension
  • vocabulary-oriented
  • two 30 minutes sections with 25 questions each
  • three types of questions: Text comprehension; Text completion; Sentence equivalence


Quantitative Reasoning (130 - 170 points) (on-screen calculator available)

  • ability to interpret and analyze
  • arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis
  • two 35 minutes sections with 25 questions each
  • three types of questions: Multiple Choice; Numeric entry; Quantitative comparison


Analytical Writing (0 - 6 points)

  • critical thinking and analytical writing
  • focused responses with specific topics and directions
  • two timed essays of 30 minutes each (issue analysis; and argument)



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