Timetable for the Post-Baccalaureate Job Search

Spring and summer semesters of your Junior year

  • start looking for jobs onsite or on the Internet
  • make a list of suitable positions and companies
  • familiarize yourself with the companies’ profiles, goals, achievements, benefits, and hiring policies
  • determine requirements and qualifications for jobs you are interested in
  • talk to your faculty advisor about your findings, ask for guidance
  • talk to professionals about their jobs
  • complete an internship (paid or unpaid)

Fall semester of your Senior year

  • fine-tune your job search
  • network with company leaders, visit local companies
  • write a draft of your cover letter and show it to your faculty advisor
  • update your resume and contact your recommenders

January -- April of your Senior year

  • accept scheduled interviews
  • let your undergraduate faculty advisor and History Department chair know what job offers you have received and which one you have accepted
  • request final transcript from the Registrar's Office

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