Departmental Colloquia

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Monday, September 21, 9:00 PM in Humanities Room 310

Sarah Locke

Sarah Locke will be speaking on the REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program she was a part of over the summer. She will be telling us about math she worked on and her impressions of the REU.






A model of uniformly dense networks has been proposed for secure networks, which is associated with the cyclic base orderings of a graph. We define h(G) as the largest number of consecutive edges in a cyclic ordering where the edges do not form a closed loop. It has been conjectured that a connected network G is uniformly dense if and only if h(G) = n − 1, where n is the number of vertices in G. Hence, h(G) is considered a measure of how close a network is to being uniformly dense. We have determined h(G) = 1 and are working on h(G) = 2.


All are welcome & refreshments provided – Please join us!


All Math Colloquium meetings take place on Mondays at 9:00 PM in Humanities room 310. Our fall dates are September 21, October 12, November 2, and November 16.

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