Course Completion Procedure For Armed Forces and National Guard

Men and women of the Armed Forces and National Guard for the United States will be provided an opportunity to complete their coursework or withdrawal from their course(s) if required to respond to a call that will significantly alter the student’s daily routine resulting in their inability to complete required coursework. Decisions regarding course completion or withdrawal will be determined by the instructor(s) in consultation with the student prior to the service beginning. Opportunities could include, but are not limited to:

  1. Allowing for work to be completed online during service;
  2. Posting an incomplete* grade and allowing for work to be completed upon returning from service, up to time and a half of time of service;
  3. Posting an incomplete* grade and allowing the work to be completed the next available opportunity to allow for lab and fieldwork that is not available outside the scheduled class times;
  4. Posting of the current grade (if passing) at the time of the service departure;
  5. Withdrawal (if passing) from the class with no record of enrollment, including appropriate refunds** should enrollment status change.

Students should continue to attend classes up to a reasonable time before departure.


Please note: Students called to service must present a copy of activation orders, signed by a Company-level Officer, to the Office of Academic Records prior to deployment to ensure proper handling of their academic records in accordance with this procedure. Domestic deployment orders may be verified. Emergency activation will be handled as appropriate.


*Incompletes are counted as ‘F’s after one semester and become permanent ‘F’s after a year. Grades cannot be changed once they are permanent.


**Implications of withdrawing from one or more classes must be discussed with financial aid prior to completing the withdrawal process.

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