Spring 2024 Registration

ClassificationHours EarnedRegistration DateRegistration DayRegistration Time
Graduate StudentsAll hours6-Nov-23Monday8 a.m.-forward
Post-Bac StudentsAll hours6-Nov-23Monday8 a.m.-forward
Seniors113.0--Above6-Nov-23Monday8 a.m.-forward
Seniors106.0-112.96-Nov-23Monday10 a.m.-forward
Seniors98.0-105.96-Nov-23Monday12 p.m.-forward
Seniors90.0-97.96-Nov-23Monday2 p.m.-forward
Juniors83.0-89.97-Nov-23Tuesday8 a.m.-forward
Juniors76.0-82.97-Nov-23Tuesday10 a.m.-forward
Juniors68.0-75.97-Nov-23Tuesday12 p.m.-forward
Juniors60.0-67.97-Nov-23Tuesday2 p.m.-forward
Sophomores53.0-59.98-Nov-23Wednesday8 a.m.-forward
Sophomores46.0-52.98-Nov-23Wednesday10 a.m.-forward
Sophomores38.0-45.98-Nov-23Wednesday12 p.m.-forward
Sophomores30.0-37.98-Nov-23Wednesday2 p.m.-forward
Freshmen23.0-29.99-Nov-23Thursday8 a.m.-forward
Freshmen16.0-22.99-Nov-23Thursday12 p.m.-forward
Freshmen8.0-15.910-Nov-23Friday8 a.m.-forward
Freshmen0.0-7.910-Nov-23Friday12 p.m.-forward

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Instructions for registration

DO NOT MISS CLASSES TO REGISTER. If the student cannot register at his/her appointment time, he/she may register any time after the appointment time. If a student decides not to attend in the fall after completing registration, he/she must withdraw within the stated adjustment period to receive a refund of fees.

Web registration will be available 24 hours a day (with limited exceptions) beginning November 6, 2023. Instructions for student web registration are available by clicking on: http://www.utm.edu/offices-and-services/academic-records/registration-information.php

When registering for classes, remember that off-campus classes have a section number that begins with an alphabetic character. Hybrid courses, which are online courses with a least one mandatory face-to-face meeting, have a section number that begins with Hxx (i.e., H01, H02, etc.). To determine where the class will meet, please check the location code (building or site code). A description of subject codes, building codes, off-site codes, and section codes can be found at: http://www.utm.edu/offices-and-services/academic-records/registration-information.php