What is TESS?

Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (TESS) is a software that allows students to enter in their transfer courses to see how it will translate towards a degree they wish to attain at the University of Tennessee at Martin. Once you provide all of your information, you will be shown an audit for that degree.

Can I access TESS on any computer?

Yes, you can access TESS on any computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection.

Why do my courses have LD and UD for numbers?

The designation LD for lower-division credit and UD for upper-division credit will be used if no UTM equivalent course exists. LD and UD credits may be applied toward degree requirements that do not designate specific course number requirements or general elective (e.g., Art LD might fulfill a non-specific art course requirement or a general elective).

Why isn’t my transfer work meeting a requirement?

There are several reasons why transfer work may not meet a requirement.

  • May not meet the minimum number of credits or the minimum grade required for the course in your program of study.
  • You must complete a minimum of sixty hours of coursework from a four-year institution, so some transfer work may not be available.
  • Transfer work is also limited to a maximum of nine 300-400 level courses.
  • Students majoring in a Tennessee Transfer Pathway at a community college are a part of the transfer agreement and may increase courses used towards their degree.
What if the course I completed at another institution is not found?

Do not be concerned if a course that you have completed at another institution is not found, that is an indicator that we have not previously evaluated the course. Please contact the Records Office to request an evaluation.

My transfer work is prior to 1995, and I do not see that listed as an option. What should I do?

TESS is used for any course work 1995 and later. Please use our Transfer Equivalency Table to find the UTM equivalent for your coursework.

What is an Audit?

A Flight Plan Audit displays courses you have completed, courses in which you are enrolled, and courses that should be taken to complete your program requirements. The Audit is arranged in blocks specifying each piece of your degree requirements, such a degree block, a major block, and a general education block.

What are Elective Courses?

Elective courses do not fit a specific area in the audit and are still used to fulfill the hours required for the degree.

What are Excess Courses?

Excess courses are electives over the minimum credits required for the degree. The grades in these courses are included in your overall GPA.

What are Unused Courses?

Unused courses are courses that are not used due to a limit being met or that serve as developmental courses. Students may see transfer courses in this area once the maximum transfer hour limit has been met.

How do I know which classes I need to take?

Your Flight Plan Audit displays the courses needed to meet each block of your degree. You are welcome to contact the department to discuss the appropriate courses based on your career goals and interests to make your transition to UTM as smooth as possible.

TESS placed one of my courses in two different places. Is that allowed?

In some instances, it is allowable for courses to be shared in two different locations. This sharing is indicated by a red $ on the Audit. If you have questions about a course sharing, you can contact the Office of Academic Records.

If all the boxes are checked, does that mean I am graduating?

Degree Works is not an official notification of completion of degree requirements. Students must take a minimum of 25% of coursework at UTM and meet GPA requirements, even if all check boxes are green.

How can I print the Results page?

Click the “Download PDF” button at the bottom of the Results screen. You can then save or print the PDF through your web browser.

Are the results I receive official?

No, the results that you receive are not official but should be used as a guide to help you understand how your classes taken at previous institutions may transfer to UTM and may apply to degree requirements. Official transfer and degree evaluations are not completed until you have submitted your official transcripts and you are fully admitted to UTM.