Educator Preparation Program candidates are required to obtain professional liability insurance prior to placement in a field experience, practicum, internship, or student teaching setting. The candidate must provide proof of liability insurance to the Office of Educator Preparation Program, 205 Gooch Hall by the end of the first week of classes each term. The following options are available for purchase.

Student Tennessee Education Association (STEA)

Students may purchase this policy each academic year. The cost for 2019/2020 is $32.00. The forms can be completed and submitted through the Office of Educator Preparation Program, 205 Gooch Hall or you may purchase online.

Will I have proof of liability insurance to show my university/college?

Yes! Immediately after your credit card is charged, you receive a welcome letter via email. This letter indicates that is your proof of liability insurance.

Directions to Purchase STEA Professional Liability Insurance Online

  1. To purchase online:
  2. At the top of NEA webpage, you will click the link "Join NEA."
  3. Select "Aspiring Educator Membership"
  4. Select the state in which you are attending school on the map.

Directions to Check Your Membership Status and Reprint your Welcome Letter/Proof of Purchase

As long as your membership is current, you may access and reprint your Welcome Letter displayed upon completion of your enrollment by using the Check My Membership Status button on the enrollment form.

Steps to Check Your Membership Status:

There are several other options for obtaining professional liability insurance through the university or other organization affiliated with other units within the educator preparation unit. The University of Tennessee at Martin also provides Student Professional Liability coverage at a comparable rate to the other options listed. Please contact your major department/academic advisor for more information.

For more information about Student TEA:

Other sites affiliated with specific majors/disciplines include:

National Association of Agricultural Educators- NAAE

For more info: