Residency I provides opportunities for students to practice the theory from campus-based instruction in actual classroom settings; to work with various professionals in education for an extended period of time prior to Residency II (student teaching); and to see a complete picture of future responsibilities. Students will spend the equivalent of one (1) student teaching placement in P-12 classrooms and the remaining portion of the term will be spent in the University classroom linking course content with the day-to-day experiences of a classroom setting. Admission to and continuance in Residency II (student teaching) requires that the following procedures and policies be met and maintained.

1. Application for Residency I must be filed with the Office of Educator Preparation Programs one semester in advance of the residency semester.

Please read the entire “FAQ” tab before moving forward in the process.

Application Deadline: for the following Fall Semester

Spring 2022 Deadlines:

March 25th - Completed packet must be received in Gooch 205. You can drop off OR mail.

Mailing Address: Educator Preparation Program
The University of TN at Martin
ATT: Melissa Akins
205 Gooch Hall
Martin, TN 38238

NOTE: Please select the “Application” tab to begin the application for Residency I. It is critical that you read and follow all directions prior to beginning the online application.

2. Before admission to the Residency I semester, you must have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Admission to the Educator Preparation Program.
  • Senior standing and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75
  • Completed all coursework other than residency methods courses and student teaching as outlined on Part II of the Residency I application.
    • Exceptions: Some Secondary majors may have content coursework during Residency I term. Please discuss with Melissa Akins prior to submission of the residency application. Strict deadlines prohibit late requests.
  • Attempted all Praxis II exams required for licensure by Stated deadline - June 30th.
    NOTE: If 1st attempt at exam(s) is not successful, you will be required to complete a “Request for Extension” form and provide proof of registration for an additional attempt prior to Admission to Residency I. All “Request for Extension” forms must be received by Office of Field Placement Coordinator by July 1st.
  • Evidence of current professional liability insurance coverage.
  • Satisfactory TBI/FBI criminal background check completed and on file in EPP office.
  • Complete the “ETS Proficiency Profile” exam required for graduation. Date and exam location required on Residency I application. To register:

3. Residency I candidates will not be placed in schools they have previously attended or in schools where members of the student teacher's immediate family are staff members or students. Students are required to complete this experience within a 60-mile radius of the campus due to University Supervisor observations and travel. If you have an extenuating circumstance that requires further review and consideration, you must schedule a meeting with Mrs. Melissa Akins prior to submission of the residency application. Strict deadlines prohibit late requests.

4. Your application will only be accepted if the packet is submitted as stated in “Step 4” on the Residency I “Application” tab found on the website.

Items in the Residency I Application Packet:

  • Part I (must turn in a printed copy of "Part I"- Do NOT print on front and back )
  • Part II (Do NOT print on front and back)
  • 2 (typed) copies of the Residency Candidate Autobiographical Data Form (Do NOT print on front and back)
  • Copy of current “Flight Plan” for your major
  • Your photo (1 copy) (4x6 or 3x5)

** If you are missing any of the documents above your application will be rejected and you will be required to take it and return it when you have all of the documentation.**

5. Evidence of STEA membership or of comparable professional liability insurance must be provided before residency placement begins. NOTE: Fall Residency I candidates will need to purchase in August for the most current academic year. You will have the opportunity to submit your “proof of insurance” to your assigned Residency I supervisor in the fall. More details to come in August.

6. ALL Praxis exams required for your Major/concentration must be passed prior to admission to Residency II (Student Teaching). No exceptions.

*Please select the “Application” tab to get started.


Application for Residency I must be filed with the Office of Educator Preparation Program one semester prior to the residency semester. If the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the application will be due the following Monday. Permanent deadlines for Residency applications are:

March 25th - Completed packet must be received.

Important Note

Residency I applications for Fall 2021 must be submitted no later than deadline stated above. The completed application packet must be submitted as detailed below by the deadline. Strict placement deadlines prohibit late submissions.

Residency 1 students must attempt all Praxis exams required for licensure as outlined on the application prior to being admitted to residency.

To begin the Residency I application process, please read thoroughly and follow the steps below.

Step 1

  • Click to complete the Autobiographical Data Form (Word Document). The form must be typed and you must attach 2 (typed) printed copies of the form to the Residency I application for your major.

Step 2

  • Click to complete Part I-Submit On-line. Part I should be typed, printed, and submitted online. You should receive an email confirmation of this portion once completed online. A printed copy must be included with the Residency I application for your major.
    Please use an internet browser other than Internet Explorer (I.e., Firefox, Chrome, etc.) or click on the link that says "Open this content in a new window".

Step 3

  • Choose the appropriate Residency I application below for your major. A list of majors is provided below. Click on your major. Complete Part II. Print, read, and sign the instruction page. Part III of the application outlines all course prerequisites for admission to Residency I. The Field Placement Coordinator will verify that all prerequisites are met prior to admission to Residency I.

Applications by Major

Step 4

Submit the following packet to the Office of Educator Preparation Program, 205 Gooch Hall by stated deadline:

Items in the Residency I Application Packet:

  • Part I (must submit printed copy that was submitted on-line)
  • Part II
  • 2 (typed) copies of the Residency Candidate Autobiographical Data Form
  • Copy of current “Flight Plan” for your major
  • Your photo (1 copy) (4x6 or 3x5)

Note: Your application will not be considered complete until the on-line process and required printed documents are received in the Office of Educator Preparation Program.

Important Notice – The Fall 2022 Residency I “First Days of School” is mandatory. You will be required to begin your assigned placement on the “first day of school” for your assigned placement. Typically, this occurs first week of August. Once your placement is confirmed, you will be responsible for checking the school calendar.

Residency I calendar and other pertinent details will be shared at the “Residency I Information Meeting” that will be held Thursday, April 21st at 4:00 p.m. Meeting notification and reminder will be sent via your UTM email account.

Residency II (Student Teaching) mandatory seminar dates will be determined closer to the beginning of the fall term. Once notified of the dates, please mark your calendar and plan accordingly. This is mandatory and no exceptions will be made.


Strict placement request deadlines prohibit late application submissions. Please make sure you provide the required information.

Important Note

The Coordinator of Field Placements, Mrs. Melissa Akins, is the only person who should contact a school or central office regarding placements. Students will not attempt to contact schools under any circumstances. All students will be notified once the placement has been secured. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Akins, 731-881-7215 or

Information Meeting

The Fall 2021 Residency I meeting is "tentatively" scheduled for Tuesday, May 4th at 3:30 pm. Meeting will occur in a virtual fomat and the Zoom link will be provided one week prior to date of meeting. Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend. If you have a FINAL that conflicts with this date/time, the session will be recorded.