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Technical Competencies

All courses will be conducted online through CANVAS, and you will be required to meet basic computer competencies for success in each online course:

  • Have a computer and a stable Internet connection
  • Understand basic computer usage (creating folders/directories, switching between programs, formatting and backing up media, accessing the Internet)
  • Able to use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to create, edit, save, and retrieve documents. You can find tutorials in a variety of locations, including the Microsoft Training Page.
  • Must be able to use a Web browser to open Web pages, work with PDF files, manage a list of Web pages (bookmarks/favorites), and search the Internet
  • Must be able to use an e-mail program to send, receive, store, and retrieve messages
  • Must be able to download and install programs (and/or plugins, widgets, etc.) from the Internet
Student Responsibility/Technical Difficulties Policy

You are responsible for ensuring that you can access all course material on a regular basis either from the university campus or from home. Additionally, certain technical abilities will be required, such as installing necessary plug-ins and uploading files.

If you have a problem with a personal computer or interrupted network connection, know that you are still responsible for submitting your work on time.

The ITS Helpdesk was created in order to assist students, faculty, and staff of the UTM community with general computer and technology questions. It is currently located at 248 Paul Meek Library.

The HelpDesk performs a variety of tasks:

  • Answering general questions about campus technology
  • Providing verbal assistance with software and hardware problems
  • Relaying information and requests to all departments of Information Technology Services such as software installation, hardware repair, Banner training, and account management.
  • Controlling lab access and hours so that labs are only available to students, faculty, and staff at appropriate times
  • Fixing minor hardware problems in the labs such as paper jams and refilling toner in the printers
  • Recording 24-7 security videos in the labs to help ensure the safety of everyone and everything in the labs at all times
  • Assisting students, faculty, and staff that live on campus with configuration and installation of their UTM networking materials so that they may have internet access from their personal computers on the campus network

You can call the UTM HelpDesk at 731-881-7900 or send e-mail to If you are in the computer labs, simply pick up one of the phones on the lab tables and dial 9.