Thank you so much for agreeing to serve as a site supervisor for our counseling student. We know they will gain valuable knowledge and experience throughout their field experiences and are thankful for your support in that process.

In order to best help with this process, we have created a five component training module below to help you become familiar with our counseling program, our expectations of students, and some basic information about clinical supervision. We hope that you will find it informative and convenient.

The first two components, Introduction and Expectations and Responsibilities, are required components for our site supervisors in the beginning of their site supervisor role with our counseling student. The other three components, Supervision Models and Methods, The Supervisory Relationship, and Legal and Ethical Issues, are optional components for your convenience, especially for those serving as first time supervisors.

We have also attached a document from The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) on best practices in clinical supervision for your optional review as well.

We thank you again for willing to be a site supervisor for our counseling student. Your efforts in supervising directly impact our counseling profession, and we thank you for your service. A university supervisor will be in touch with you periodically throughout the counseling student's placement in order to assist you in any way that you may need.

Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling Site Supervisor Handbooks
Site Supervisor Training Materials

Five Component Training Module

Component 1: Introduction to Site Supervisor Training (Powerpoint Presentation)

Component 2: Expectations and Responsibilities (Powerpoint Presentation)

Component 3: Supervision Models and Methods (Powerpoint Presentation)

Component 4: The Supervisory Relationship (Powerpoint Presentation)

Component 5: Legal and Ethical Issues (Powerpoint Presentation)

Best Practices in Clinical Supervision

After you have reviewed components 1 and 2, please fill out the Site Supervisor Training Acknowledgment Form acknowledging your completion